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What Makes Us Different

We Spend $ Where It Matters Most:
Our Students

Our money goes back into curriculum development, attracting the best teachers and industry experts, training, etc. Why? Because a great teacher can change a student’s life. We believe in spending money where it counts – on our teachers and curriculum.


We thoroughly vet every instructor through multiple interview rounds/tests, and are so confident in our instructors that we have a Money-Back Guarantee on every class. This ensures that students not only learn, but learn correctly, and do not develop bad habits.

Industry Leading

When we say we have a track record of delivering the best learning experience and curriculum – we mean it. That’s why we’re one of the only places that has a guarantee on the quality of their courses. How many other places are willing to make that commitment to you?

Not DEFENSE With Our Students

Our job isn’t to make sure students don’t fail, there are plenty of resources for that. Instead, we focus our time on helping students demonstrate skills, strengths, and talents they otherwise couldn’t have without our programs.


We all know it. It’s difficult to get admissions officers to want you. And good GPAs, SAT scores, and heartbreaking essays about how your (insert family member) inspired you to be (insert non-original trait) aren’t going to work anymore. Our curricula are project- and case study-based, highly rigorous, and challenging, yet approachable to both true beginners and advanced students. While other programs are more concerned with playing defense with your college profile, we play offense. We focus on helping students demonstrate why they deserve to be accepted to top universities in ways they wouldn’t be able to without our programs.


Our programs are designed to be actually useful knowledge and skills that these students can rely on for the rest of their lives. We understand there is a difference between a student who knows the date of the American Civil War versus a student who can build software from scratch or build a financial model from scratch. This is why our program is unique in that we solve REAL PROBLEMS. In our programming classes, we build real enterprise-grade websites and software. In our strategy classes, we work on actual Harvard Business School cases. In our pre-med & healthcare class, we have students learn the information necessary to land top internships and recommendations necessary to make it to the best undergrad science programs and med schools.


The problem with most students never standing out is that they are directionless. Students are conflicted about whether they'd like to be an engineer, a doctor, or a business person. The problem is if your student is conflicted, he or she is investing time across multiple goals, which will just end in being mediocre in everything. We solve this problem. Our classes give very realistic and practical views of engineering, business, and health care, which allows students to come out of a 3-month class knowing exactly what they want to focus on. This way, they can focus the rest of their time from then to the college app deadline on becoming the best they can possibly be and investing heavily in that one field to show their capabilities.


Why BOTH Parents & Students Love Our Classes

  • Customer Testimonials

    5 years after being personally mentored by this team, I finally am old enough to understand how fortunate I was to have access to a program like Zenith. I was able to get into UC Berkeley, and more importantly, achieve my goal of becoming an investment banker.

    Victor Chen UC Berkeley / Goldman Sachs
  • Customer Testimonials

    After 15+ years in after-school care, there is no program that I recommend more than Zenith. I've seen firsthand what they do to their students, so it's not hard for me to tell all 1,000+ families I know to use them.

    Eric Wang After-School Program Owner
  • Customer Testimonials

    Getting into college is a huge competition. The biggest benefit for me is that I have all the answers I need in one place and a plan to get there. I know the exact coding languages and pace I should be at to stand out.

    Student Former Zenith Student
  • Customer Testimonials

    I really enjoyed being able to choose what I wanted to learn and being able to focus on topics that actually really interested me.

    Student Former Zenith Student
  • Customer Testimonials

    I really enjoyed the program because it let me meet new people, learn things that I never thought I would ever learn, and actually want to come here.

    Student Former Zenith Student
  • Customer Testimonials

    The instruction and curriculum were built in such a way that I'm able to do work that 23 year-olds are doing. I really enjoy the pace of the program and the challenge it gives me.

    Alex Loscutoff Student

What Makes Our Classes So Unique?

All our classes are project- and case study-based.

By the end of a 3-month class, students will be solving problems and building solutions in a highly rigorous and real-world manner that hones their analytical, critical thinking, and logic skills.


Web Development (Front-End)

Skills: Problem Solving, Logic, Critical Thinking

Languages: HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Not only do students learn the fundamentals of front-end programming / web development, but by the end of the course, they finish building a real-world, responsive, enterprise-grade website. By building an enterprise-grade website that a real company would use, students not only develop an understanding of the fundamentals of how to solve problems and think critically within computer science, but also apply it to real-world situations.

See Curriculum & Course Details

Software Development (Back-End)

Skills: Problem Solving, Logic, Critical Thinking

Language & Database: PHP / MySQL

Students learn one of the most important concepts of programming — developing code that can carry out functions and requests. Here, students learn not only coding skills, but how to build the back-end software functions that power Facebook and made Mark Zuckerberg one of the youngest billionaires in the world. By the end of the course, students will have built a complete MVP version of Facebook. Students learn the nuances and mechanics of the same language that Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia rely on, and more importantly, students learn how to use the language to build real applications and software.

See Curriculum & Course Details

Strategy & Analysis

Mini MBA (Strategy Essentials)

Strategy Essentials

Skills: Critical Thinking, Reasoning, Logic

The course teaches students the fundamentals, tools, and frameworks of strategy within multiple critical disciplines. More importantly, it shows students how to apply those skills to real-world, Fortune 1000-level case studies, including ones from Harvard Business School.

See Curriculum & Course Details

Mini MBA (Analysis & Decision-Making)

Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis Fundamentals

Skills: Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Reasoning

The course teaches how to conduct all the most important types of qualitative and quantitative analysis that professionals at Fortune 1000 companies, investment bankers at Goldman Sachs, and management consultants at McKinsey do. More importantly, students learn how to apply those skills to real-world case studies, including ones from Harvard Business School.

See Curriculum & Course Details

Pre-Med & Health Care

Pre-Med & Health Care: Fundamentals, Research & Analysis Boot Camp

If you’re looking to apply to college as a science major, be on the pre-med track, or work in research or biotech, then the knowledge, skills, and case studies in this course are essential for making you more competitive on the college app and landing those coveted, hard-to-find internships.

See Curriculum & Course Details