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Company Facts

Zenith Prep Academy

  • Headquarters: 39899 Balentine Drive, Suite 200, Newark, CA
  • Started Teaching On: 2005
  • Class Locations: Fremont, Pleasanton, Danville, San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto

Who We Serve.

We serve a specific set of 6th to 12th grade parents and students (not the masses). We serve the students who are truly working hard to get into the best University they can. These are the students who are usually taking AP classes, doing extracurriculars, volunteering, all in the pursuit of showing their true potential.

How We Help.

Unfortunately, there are limited resources available for students to demonstrate their true potential on the college app and in life. The reason is because most other programs are designed for the masses. We are not. This enables us the freedom to design programs with high amounts of rigor, challenges and intellectual horsepower that takes these students to another level of intelligence, skill, and experience.

What we Do.

We provide 3-month long project based classes. What that means is not only that students go through a rigorous curriculum. They also build something tangible by the end of it. This way it motivates students to learn and helps them leverage those skills and knowledge in their internships, extracurriculars, competitions, and ultimately the college app.


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Guarantee Policy

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Call us today at (510) 585-9744 or Email us at office@zenithprepacademy.com

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