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Customer Testimonials


Former Zenith Student

"5 years after being personally mentored by this team, I finally am old enough to understand how fortunate I was to have access to a program like Zenith. I was able to get into UC Berkeley, and more importantly, achieve my goal of becoming an investment banker."

Customer Testimonials


Former Zenith Student

"The instruction and curriculum were built in such a way that I'm able to do work that 23 year-olds are doing. I really enjoy the pace of the program and the challenge it gives me."

Zenith Prep Academy Testimonials

Eric Wang

After-School Program Owner

"Again, I have been in the child care business for over 15+ years, and it truly amazes me what Zenith is able to teach their students, especially in such an important topic such as business. Seeing the results and the analysis that these kids builds makes me very proud to recommend them. There is no other business school that I recommend. Full stop. It's Zenith."

What Students Learn How To Do

What students will be able to do and understand by the end of the class

  1. Project future revenue and costs ACCURATELY (doesn’t help if your numbers aren’t reality)
    • Learn how to do the same analysis that top venture capitalists use to make 33%+ investment returns by being able to project revenue and costs correctly
  2. How to create a business model and/or analyze if a business model will be profitable
    • Should you charge a subscription? Should you charge 1-time fee? Or a hybrid of the two? (Hint: Subscription is not always the answer.)
    • How should you structure your costs?
    • Will it make money?
    • Is my price too high or too low?
    • Am I really making money every time you make a sale?
  3. How to finally read and understand the 3 financial statements (it’s easier than you think)
    • Understanding this is EXTREMELY important (it’s like a car’s dashboard)
    • It tells you when to go faster and when to slow down before you get in trouble
    • It tells you if you should invest more money, or not
    • And if so, by how much
  4. Marketing is the lifeblood of making sales, but if you can’t analyze or calculate if your marketing is making you money, then you can’t significantly grow. Period.
    • Learn how to build an Excel model to tell you exactly how much money to spend
    • Learn how much you should spend per prospect in order to make money (this also will help with your advertising campaigns)
    • How to use Excel to analyze how to improve your profits
  5. How to figure out the value of your company?
    • This is important because the sale of your company is where you make the majority of your wealth
    • Why just saying “oh well, other similar companies sell for 1-2 times revenue” will make you poor
    • We will learn the 4 major methods to correctly valuing a company
    • And more importantly, the tricks that people use against you and how to avoid it
  6. How do you analyze if a new business venture or investment you’re making is going to make money before you start it or invest in it?
    • How do you do real due diligence and research to make sure you’re protecting yourself (hint, checklists don’t work)
    • How to structure deals so that you can make money even if the business is not that good
  7. How to use Excel to conduct detailed analyses to give you all the above answers (not just know where the buttons are)
    • How to use Excel to tell you what would happen under multiple scenarios, so that you always have a plan
  8. How to improve profits by identifying deficiencies and improvements in the business, and developing the correct solutions
    • Learn the analysis that Fortune 1000 companies pay tons of money to management consultants to do
  9. How do top venture capitalists and investment bankers always make money, and strategies that you can use


*We strive to accommodate all students, however, due to the popularity of our programs, we enroll on a first come, first served basis – no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
+ $100 Cash


We have honed our teaching style, curriculum, and teacher quality for 15+ years, so we have no problem insuring your money with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re so confident that this is the best coding class you and your student will have ever attended that we’ll give you $100 cash on top of your money-back guarantee.

*For group classes, students must attend at least 80% of the classes in a course. For 1-on-1 classes, the request must be made prior to the start of the fifth class.


  1. 1. Curriculum
  2. 2. Time & Location
  3. 3. Reviews
  4. 4. Certification
  5. 5. Ways to Save


  • Week 1 - Marketing Spend Analysis / ROI, Breakeven, Sensitivity Analysis / Excel Fundamentals
  • Week 2 - Pricing Analysis / Pricing Elasticity / Price Sustainability
  • Week 3 - Financial Analysis - Income Statement & Projections
  • Week 4 - Financial Analysis - Bottoms Up Projections & Modeling (Health, Retail, Technology Business Cases)
  • Week 5 - Financial Analysis - Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement Analysis (Dropbox Business Case)
  • Week 6 - Valuation Modeling - Precedent Transaction (Real Estate Business Case)
  • Week 7 - Returns Analysis - ROI/IRR/NPV | Persuasive Speaking / Presentation Skills | Amici Business Case
  • Week 8 - Returns Analysis - Leverage Buyout Model Case | Persuasive Speaking / Presentation Skills
  • Week 9 - Returns Analysis - Real Estate Returns Model Case
  • Week 10 - Students Present Final Presentations, Cases, Analysis and Actionable Recommendations


All of our classes are done completely online, fully remote. We have class options on both weekdays & weekends. Classes can be done in small group (2-5 students) or 1-on-1. All depending on availability.

There are 10 classes total in the entire course, and each class is typically 3 hours.

Classes during the school year (Fall/Winter/Spring) are typically 1x/week for 10 weeks.

Classes during the summer are typically 2x/week for 5 weeks.

Timeline for our Next Expected Class:

Last day to register: Monday, June 14th

Instruction begins: Monday, June 21st

Class options can be customized around the availabilities of the students. All you need to do is tell us when your student is busy, and we'll work to find a class timing that will work for their schedule. We can customize

Class Options

All of our classes are done online and are backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Classes are possible all days of the week, during all times of the day (morning to evening), and can occur as frequently (1x,2x,3x/week, etc.) as requested, and happen throughout the entire year - depending on availability.

All you need to do is fill out the form below, and our team will do our best to find a time that works for your schedule.

*We strive to accommodate all students. However, due to the popularity of our programs, we enroll on a first come, first served basis — no exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

We encourage parents to enroll their students early as we are fully booked quickly. Once you click Enroll Now, you will be given exact instructions on how to become enrolled in this class.


Zenith Prep Academy Yelp
Zenith Prep Academy yelp reviews
Zenith Prep Academy facebook reviews

My son, 14 years old, took the Mini MBA 1 program last spring at this Academy and a Web Development (Front End) class this summer. Best investment of our time and resources we have been able to gift him so far! I wish we knew about this place before, when our daughter was his age. College choices and possibilities would probably be much wider for her...

These are some of the challenges we have been facing before discovering this program and the transformation we observed:

Our son has been a talented and creative fun child, who's enthusiasm about exploring possibilities has been steadily going down the more time he has been spending in a public school, doing homework and studying for good grades...

It got to the point that when he was interested (or when we were on top of his responsibilities), he would get straight A's- usually just towards the end of the school year, and when not interested or monitored constantly, he would get C's and even D's... Always getting distracted, forgetful and bored...

After only one class at Zenith, he got inspired not only about researching new possibilities, solving real problems but also, he got excited about life in general. He even started working out in the gym ( his own initiative!) and moving up in Kung Fu . A's were not a chore anymore but a natural byproduct of his newly found enthusiasm and confidence. His work was done still in school and we have been able to have very lively and mature conversations at home, including conversations about his business :-)

At the age of 14, my son has an understanding of business that many business owners like myself can be jealous of. He also became very good in negotiation and quite impressive at understating human psychology ( may it be a warning to you if you don't want your kids become confident and powerful)

This aspect is what I value the most about our experience with this place. We appreciate Mr. Song's generosity immensely. There aren't many people who will take time to listen to a teen as an equal, and help bring the best out of them in all situations... This is priceless to me. All of the people Mr. Song brings to inspire and teach at the Academy are high quality, educated, successful young people who are still able to connect with the teens but have a wealth of real life academic and business experiences, to help the teens dream and grow big.

I am very excited where my teen is heading. Thank you Zenith Academy!

- Klara F.

Zenith Prep Academy five star yelp review

As someone who has personally taken courses at Zenith Prep Academy, I can definitively say that it's been one of the best experiences of my life. I have never seen a course so well-designed and well-executed like the ones offered at Zenith. Whether it's the instructors or the material itself, there is something about these courses that makes the student want to keep learning.

I took the web development and mini-MBA courses at Zenith and I was expecting to just learn the basics; however, our instructor taught us much more than I had expected. Not only did we master the basics, we dove into the deeper nuances of programming as well.

The best part about attending Zenith is that your instructors truly care. The class size is relatively small, so if there is something that is confusing to understand, help is readily available. Not only do your instructors care, but they are also super passionate. Believe me, you're not in a room with someone just reading a script or speaking in monotone. The instructors love what they teach and they are just as excited as you when they come to class.

If you're looking for a course that teaches you more than just the cookie-cutter basics found in a textbook, then Zenith Prep Academy is the place for you.

- Mangesh D.

Zenith Prep Academy five star yelp review


Students receive a certification & award that show:

programming coding certification
  • Universities – They have taken and passed a rigorous course that challenged their problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Prestigious Internships & Extracurricular – Proof that they have a comprehensive understanding of business and have the ability to conduct in-depth and complex analyses to help them gain an edge in the application process for prestigious internships & extracurricular programs
  • You Know REAL Business Skills – That you not only understand the fundamentals, but that you know how to apply them to produce real analysis and decisions (supported with data)

Ways to Save

1. Referral Discount

Refer a friend that takes the same class and not only will you get 5% off, your referral will get 5% off as well too! (For example, if you refer 4 other people, you will receive 20% of your class, and each referral will receive 5% off the class).

2. Sibling Discount

We also offer a 5% sibling discount. Each sibling after the first will receive 5% off. (For example, if two siblings take the same class, the second sibling will receive a 5% discount)

How to Enroll*

To learn more or enroll, send an email to

use the contact form below and we will contact you shortly.

*We strive to accommodate all students. However, due to the popularity of our programs, we enroll on a first come, first served basis — no exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

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