College Prep Resources for Sixth Grade Students and Parents

Discussing your child’s higher education goals is the most effective way to keep them on the path to success. Your sixth grade student may show career interests or a constant desire to learn — Zenith Prep Academy can help your child think about college and the road to getting into an Ivy League or a top university.

We specialize in pre-college planning for young learners, including sixth graders who are at least 11 years old. Enroll your student in our program to help them develop new skills, gain confidence, and consider the next steps for their path to a top university.

What Is the Purpose of a College Preparatory Program for Sixth Graders?

At Zenith Prep Academy, the best time to prepare for college is always now. Our college counseling program for sixth graders is designed to encourage high academic performance as we provide a level of guidance, strategies, resources, and recommendations not seen within the public or private school environments. 

Your child gets to work with a dedicated counselor on a four-person team, including a former admissions officer from an Ivy League or Top 25 university, to support your child through the 12th grade. That means your child will get years of personalized one-on-one coaching, enabling them to reach their fullest academic potential.

Types of College Prep Skills We Focus on for Sixth Graders

The three fundamental college prep skills we focus on for sixth graders are below:

Why Select Zenith Prep Academy for Sixth Grade College Preparation?

Zenith Prep Academy is an award-winning college consulting company that has been around for over 17 years. We have worked with thousands of students across 40+ states and have won more awards than any other college counseling company in America. 

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Many families often discover us as we’ve been featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, and Apple News.

In a recent admissions cycle, Zenith Prep Academy had:

  • 5x higher acceptance rate for the Ivy League and Top 15 universities
  • 8x higher for the Top 25 universities
  • 90%+ accepted for Top 50 universities
  • 98%+ for Top 100 universities
  • 15+ million dollars in merit-based scholarships earned by our students

Zenith Prep Academy also has a team of full-time former admissions officers, including a former Associate Director of Admissions from Yale University and admissions officers/reviewers from Stanford, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Boston University, and more. Our team of former admissions officers continuously work with our College Consultants to review and oversee our Zenith students’ profile development and strategy.

Organize a Consultation Meeting With Us

Zenith Prep Academy takes the time to complete a detailed get-to-know-you meeting to learn more about your child, their academic profile, interests, and college admission goals. Our staff always gives you our undivided attention as our free consultations are always with just your family. We only accept a limited number of students into our program annually, so book a free consultation with our college admissions counselors today.