Our Industry Leading Guarantee Policy

100% Money-Back Guarantee
+ $100 Cash


We have honed our teaching style, curriculum, and teacher quality for 10+ years, so we have no problem insuring your money with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re so confident that this is the best coding class you and your student will have ever attended that we’ll give you $100 cash on top of your money-back guarantee.

*Only rule is that your student does not miss more than 20% of class.

Our class policies are as follows:

Refund Policy

We have a full 100% money-back guarantee on all classes. The only requirement is that students do not miss more than 20% of classes in a course. A missed class is more than 50% of a particular class. If a student misses more than 20% of class, they are no longer eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee on the course. Requests for money-back guarantee must be made within 7 days of the last day of class.

Deposit Policy

A deposit of $250 is used to reserve a student’s spot in a class. Deposits are fully refundable only if the request date is more than 4 weeks prior to the first day of class.

Attendance Policy

If a student is ever unable to attend class, they will receive a full recording of the class (which will cover the entire lecture, all material/concepts, all the code discussed, etc.). Students are then able to watch the recording on their own time to get up to speed with anything they may have missed. If after watching the recording, a student has questions – we will set them up with private office hours with a TA/instructor.

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