The Higher Edu Foundation is proud to invite Zenith Prep Academy to lecture on the following topic:


3 Factors That Prevent 6th – 12th Graders
From Getting Into The Colleges They Deserve
(even with good GPAs & SATs)


The Higher Edu Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit committed to providing parents & students with the resources they need to pursue higher education.

Zenith Prep Academy are STEM, business, and healthcare college experts with 10+ years of experience getting students into the universities they deserve.

What You Will Learn

  1. Why ~90% of students who get 4.0 and above GPA are NOT accepted into Harvard, Stanford, or top 10 universities (and what to do about it)
  2. Proven methods and strategies for getting into better universities if your child does not have the best grades or SAT scores
  3. What do universities actually want in an applicant (but never say)
  4. Specific tips on extracurricular activities that actually help students get into better schools (besides music, sports, or clubs)
  5. How to figure out your child’s interest and passion, turn it into an advantage, and use it to get into a better college
  6. What is “value-added” college planning, and how does it fit into your child’s life

2,000+ People
have attended Zenith Prep Academy seminars
Come and see why so many parents attend!

Most recently Zenith was invited to speak at
Irvington High School’s PTSA

What People Think of Zenith's Lectures

Jane D.

Parent, Irvington PTSA

I am on Irvington PTSA board this year. I highly recommended you guys!

Klara Fischerova

2017 Parent

Zenith is the best investment of our time and resources we have been able to give [our son] so far! I wish we knew about this place before, when our daughter was his age. College choices and possibilities would probably be much wider for her.

Sandeep D.

2016 Parent

Last year our daughter was accepted into 4 ivy league schools and is attending Princeton as Freshman. [Zenith] thinks through everything. Over the 4 or 5 years we worked with them we always felt in control of the process even though my wife and I are not born here or are experts on the American college system. Many of my friends still work with them, and some have finished and have had similar results.

Su H.

2017 Parent

I highly recommend them to everyone. Their intensive research of current trends in the market and keeping both parents and kids abreast of it, is one of their major strengths [with their] talks in schools and colleges, and providing tools for students. Good Job!

Zenith is also trusted by the
Union City Library
the largest after school educational institution in Fremont


William Chung

Head of College Consulting

Track Record & Accomplishments
  • Track record of working with families who's students are interested in business, programming, or healthcare/medicine gain admissions into Ivy League, UCs, and other top universities (Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, CalTech, John Hopkins, NYU, Duke).
  • Consistently helped students land prestigious internships/programs (Research Scholars, COSMOS, MIT Launch, and more) in addition to winning national competitions (DECA, ISSCY, TSA, etc.)
  • In charge of building and maintaining relationships with admissions officers from top universities including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, M.I.T., Columbia, Cornell, U.C. Berkeley, Dartmouth, and etc.
  • Informed and up to date of major trends, changes in admission, in addition to analyzing data from public and private sources regarding university admission class composition

Senior Team


  • Awarded valedictorian of American High School
  • Graduated Stanford University with a degree in computer sciences with a 3.96 GPA
  • Currently a Software Developer @ Tower Research Capital (Hedge Fund)
  • On the interview panel for Stanford University's undergrad admissions


  • Graduated from Mission San Jose High School and UC Berkeley
  • Investment banker at Goldman Sachs in the Technology Group (most prestigious)
  • Currently venture capitalist at Google Capital
  • Victor has currently worked on over $1 billion worth of deals to date


  • Graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biological Sciences
  • Accepted to both Harvard and Stanford Medical School
  • Currently finishing up his studies at Columbia Medical School where he attends on a full-ride scholarship

In The News


Santa Clara Seminar

Lecture Date:

Saturday, December 8th, 2018


4701 Patrick Henry Dr #25, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Time Options:

We have 2 different time options that you can attend.

Time option #1: 10:30am - 11:30am

Time option #2: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Pleasanton Seminar

Lecture Date:

Sunday, December 9th, 2018


Nurture Kids Pleasanton
4460 Black Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Time Options:

We have 2 different time options that you can attend.

Time option #1: 10:30am - 11:30am

Time option #2: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

LIMITED SEATING (over 100+ parents came to last event)

Seating is limited! So if you want a guaranteed seat (and not stand), please email us ( the time you will attend and for how many people. (you can always attend another time or show up the day of, but might have to stand) or fill out the form below.

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