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Phani’s son was in the 8th grade when they joined our college consulting program. His son, although bright and was doing well academically, came to us with no exposure to any fields/majors, and outside of sports, he hasn’t participated in any academic or extracurricular activities. Given that Phani didn’t have any experience with how college admissions in the US worked, his family was seeking guidance on how to help his son identify his interests and further develop his passion to stand out to top colleges.

Charu & Vivek

Their daughter began her college prep guidance under Zenith Prep Academy midway through her 10th grade. Although their daughter was strong academically and had numerous extracurricular activities involving leadership, sports, volunteering, and etc., Charu & Vivek wanted more specialized guidance on how to identify their daughter’s interest and what she could do in the 18 months prior to college applications to help her stand out to admission officers compared to the tens of thousands of other students that will be applying for the same colleges with similar academic profiles (grades, honors/AP classes, SAT/ACT scores, etc.)


Priya’s daughter was accepted and joined our program when she was in 8th grade. Given that Priya did not grow up here and was unfamiliar with how college admissions worked in the US, her family was seeking our guidance on how to help their daughter build a comprehensive profile that would highlight her academic strengths while combining that with her extracurricular interests to stand out to universities.


Robert’s son joined our program during his 10th grade. Although Robert attended high school and college in the US, given that his son went to a hyper-competitive high school (ranked top 100 in the United States), he wanted a highly customized strategy and plan for their son to further his academic interests and build the right extracurricular profile to stand out from his peers in their high school and in the college applications.


Archana’s son, aside from being a bright student, was exceling in various extracurricular activities ranging from music to coding to debate. Feeling at a lost of what would be helpful / not helpful for college, and unsure of how to continuously engage and help their son reach his fullest potential, they enrolled their son into our college consulting program towards the end of 7th grade.


Being a first-generation parent, Nidhi wanted to help her son identify and develop his passion to get into the universities he wanted to go to. Although her son had not done much from an extracurricular standpoint, he was a bright and motivated 8th grader who always worked really hard and put his 100% effort into everything that he did. Seeing her son doing well academically, she enrolled him into our college consulting program so that we can recommend different classes, programs, internships, competitions, and other extracurricular activities that will help him stand out to universities.


Rajesh’s son joined our college consulting program in 8th grade. Given that his son was doing well academically, Rajesh wanted guidance on resources, programs, and classes that could provide his son with exposure to different fields/majors to identify his while turning his passion(s) into activities that will help him stand out to universities.


Having gone through the college application process once with his older son and realizing how challenging and overwhelming it was, Manoj wanted to find a college consulting program for his younger son stand out to universities as they realized having a strong academic profile with lots of honors/AP classes, high weighted GPA (ex. 4.5+), high standardized scores, and etc. was not going to help his son get into the colleges that he was looking to attend. Manoj enrolled his on into our program early on in high school, towards the end of his 9th grade, to give him the right opportunities, exposure, and guidance that their oldest son unfortunately missed out on.

Sa & David

Sa and David’s daughter was a very strong student academically and was also involved with various activities including sports, volunteering, leadership positions in clubs & youth councils, dancing, and more. Given that their daughter was in 10th grade, Sa and David enrolled her into our college consulting program to help provide resources, recommendations, strategies, and guidance on helping their daughter get into her dream university.


Seema’s son, being a 7th grader at the time of joining our program, was a very bright and mature student who exceled academically and in his extracurricular activities. However, having moved to California from the east coast, Seema was unaware of all the different programs, classes, competitions, and etc. that her son could do (locally, regionally, nationally) and wanted to find a college consulting program that specialized in her son’s varied interests and had the expertise and experience to guide him in developing a strong profile for the universities that his son wanted to go to.


Yun, having an 8th grader that exceled academically but lacking a sense of direction and focus, quickly enrolled him into our college consulting program once he was accepted. Aside from wanting guidance on navigating high school in terms of what classes to take, when to take standardized tests, and all the other traditional things that college counselors do, Yun wanted specific guidance on figuring out her son’s interests and the strategy/roadmap on what her son can do in terms of programs, internships, competitions, and other extracurricular activities to help him stand out to universities when he applied in the 12th grade.


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3 Factors That Prevent 6th – 12th Graders From Getting Into The Colleges They Deserve
(even with good GPAs & SATs)

  • Why ~90% of students who get 4.0 and above GPA are NOT accepted into Harvard, Stanford, or top 10 universities (and what to do about it)
  • Proven methods and strategies for getting into better universities if your child does not have the best grades or SAT scores
  • What do universities actually want in an applicant (but never say)
  • Specific tips on extracurricular activities that actually help students get into better schools (besides of music, sports, or clubs).
  • How to figure out your child’s interest and passion, turn it into an advantage, and use it to get into a better college
  • What is “value-added” college planning, and how does it fit into your child’s life

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