Premier College Prep Resource for Young Learners

A thorough education sets your children up for success. You want the best for your family when it comes to finding a career path that suits your child’s interests and provides them with opportunities for upward mobility. 

Zenith Prep Academy is an award-winning college counseling company. Getting your children involved with our program can increase their chances of acceptance into Ivy League and top universities nationwide.

A Personalized College Prep Program

Zenith Prep Academy provides top-notch college prep programs for young learners in the 6th-12th grade. Our process involves meeting with you virtually to address the goals you and your child have.

Your consultation is where we learn more about a student’s extracurricular activities, honors and awards, interests, and academic profile.

Our counselors will help you identify a path that makes the most sense for your child. This includes pinpointing universities that your student has the greatest chance of getting accepted.

Working With Students at Different Grade Levels

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Our college consulting program accepts a limited number of new students across the U.S. per year. Whether you hope to inspire your sixth-grade student to continue down a path of excellence or help build a profile that will stand out to admissions officers, we will help your child become more driven and independent.

Explore options for college prep counseling during various stages of your child’s academic journey.

Middle School College Readiness Program

Zenith Prep Academy prepares middle school students for high school and eventually acceptance into a top university. Our services are available to middle school students who are 12 years of age or older and cover sixth gradeseventh grade, and eighth grade.

In our college prep program for middle school children, we focus on:

College Consulting Services for High School Students

Zenith Prep Academy works alongside your high school student, serving as a guide throughout the college admissions process. From freshmen to seniors, our consulting services are for teenage learners who want to achieve life-long success:

Your child’s counselor is familiar with programs, internships, competitions, activities, leadership opportunities, and much more. We’ll explore and recommend the best opportunities that best serve young learners, like your child, that align with their interests and dream careers.

We help your student portray their best self during interviews for internship opportunities.

Zenith Prep Academy’s college prep services introduce high school students to SAT and ACT practice exams.

Your child’s college counselor will suggest extracurricular activities. These recommendations include athletics, programs, internships, competitions, clubs, volunteer work, and more.

Request a Consultation With Zenith Prep Academy

Zenith Prep Academy offers college counseling services for middle school and high school students with a money-back guarantee

Availability for consultations is limited, so schedule a free consultation with a college admissions counselor today.