Vivek Sardana

My 11th grader took 2 classes during summer and we were really impressed with the professionalism and the deep knowledge of the Zenith staff. The classes were very informative & easy-to-follow, and it piqued my daughter’s interest in those subjects especially the mini-MBA class. The college counseling program was excellent; the Zenith coordinator guided my daughter through every stage of the complex application process and helped her stand out. I would highly recommend the Zenith Prep Academy.

Sim Aquino

My children love Zenith. My daughter is a Sophomore now. She joined back when she was in 8th grade. She enjoys the different programs that Zenith offers. As parents, we like that Zenith helps her explore career choices such as business, technology, and medical fields. We like the service so much, that our 7th grader son is now also enrolled in the program. We highly recommend Zenith.

Manmeet Walia

My daughter had always been curious about business and law. Enrolling her in the mini-MBA class was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The material was well structured and provided a comprehensive view of the business world. Personally we are super impressed with William Chung’s knowledge in college admissions. William has been very helpful and proactive in terms of guiding us in the right direction. Thank you!!!

Mangesh Darke

As someone who has personally taken courses at Zenith Prep Academy, I can definitively say that it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I have never seen a course so well-designed and well-executed like the ones offered at Zenith. Whether it’s the instructors or the material itself, there is something about these courses that makes the student want to keep learning.

I took the web development and mini-MBA courses at Zenith and I was expecting to just learn the basics; however, our instructor taught us much more than I had expected. Not only did we master the basics, we dove into the deeper nuances of programming as well.

The best part about attending Zenith is that your instructors truly care. The class size is relatively small, so if there is something that is confusing to understand, help is readily available. Not only do your instructors care, but they are also super passionate. Believe me, you’re not in a room with someone just reading a script or speaking in monotone. The instructors love what they teach and they are just as excited as you when they come to class.

If you’re looking for a course that teaches you more than just the cookie-cutter basics found in a textbook, then Zenith Prep Academy is the place for you.

Klara Fischerova

My son, 14 years old, took the Mini MBA 1 program last spring at this Academy and a Web Development (Front End) class this summer. Best investment of our time and resources we have been able to gift him so far! I wish we knew about this place before, when our daughter was his age. College choices and possibilities would probably be much wider for her…

These are some of the challenges we have been facing before discovering this program and the transformation we observed:

Our son has been a talented and creative fun child, who’s enthusiasm about exploring possibilities has been steadily going down the more time he has been spending in a public school, doing homework and studying for good grades…
It got to the point that when he was interested (or when we were on top of his responsibilities), he would get straight A’s- usually just towards the end of the school year, and when not interested or monitored constantly, he would get C’s and even D’s… Always getting distracted, forgetful and bored…

After only one class at Zenith, he got inspired not only about researching new possibilities, solving real problems but also, he got excited about life in general. He even started working out in the gym ( his own initiative!) and moving up in Kung Fu . A’s were not a chore anymore but a natural byproduct of his newly found enthusiasm and confidence. His work was done still in school and we have been able to have very lively and mature conversations at home, including conversations about his business 🙂

At the age of 14, my son has an understanding of business that many business owners like myself can be jealous of. He also became very good in negotiation and quite impressive at understating human psychology ( may it be a warning to you if you don’t want your kids become confident and powerful)

He talks about Mr. Frank Song as the “coolest guy and a mentor” 🙂 This aspect is what I value the most about our experience with this place. We appreciate Mr. Song’s generosity immensely. There aren’t many people who will take time to listen to a teen as an equal, and help bring the best out of them in all situations… This is priceless to me. All of the people Mr. Song brings to inspire and teach at the Academy are high quality, educated, successful young people who are still able to connect with the teens but have a wealth of real life academic and business experiences, to help the teens dream and grow big.

I am very excited where my teen is heading. Thank you Zenith Academy!

Klara F., Lafayette

Phani S

My son took the mini MBA class with Zenith Prep Academy. He learned to research and create financial models on case studies. The class is highly recommended for kids interested in learning business basics and performing business cost analysis. The class size being small helped the instructor focus individually on each student