Arti Purohit

My 10th grader took the PHP & MySql software development course in Fall 2021 with Zenith Academy. It turned out to be one of the best class she has attended for computer programming. It really helped setup the important foundational concepts for her and then progressed forward towards end-to-end website/portal building including databases. In-detail discussion over concepts in the class. Teachers are very patient and knowledgeable. If she needed additional clarification, teachers encouraged those questions and re-explained the concepts. My daughter learned and enjoyed thoroughly. I would highly recommend this course.

Sim Aquino

My children love Zenith. My daughter is a Sophomore now. She joined back when she was in 8th grade. She enjoys the different programs that Zenith offers. As parents, we like that Zenith helps her explore career choices such as business, technology, and medical fields. We like the service so much, that our 7th grader son is now also enrolled in the program. We highly recommend Zenith.

Pardeep Bhardwaj

My son took two courses at Zenith – Web Development and Software Development. These courses are not just about learning computer language, but more about applying those skills in developing real life applications. At the of the course enterprise quality applications were built. This whole process has helped in improving problem solving skill.
Instructors at Zenith are very knowledgeable and true professionals, understand how to pace the program still keep students motivated. Highly recommended!!!

Prasanthi D

My 12-year-old son loved the “Programming – Web development ” and “Programming – Software development” classes by Zenith prep.
We took 1:1 class for Web development and instructor taught the concepts very nicely. The exercises after the class were very helpful to strengthen the foundation.
We opted for group class in summer for Software development. The class was very interactive and the concepts were explained with good examples. The practice exercises helped my son to think logically and solve the problems on his own and address any gaps in understanding in class reviews.
At the end of the programming courses, my son has developed very good foundation and lot of interest in programming.
Being software professionals ourselves, me and my husband really liked the way the course content was laid out to cover the concepts in a way kids can understand and learn without getting overwhelmed. We highly recommend the computer programming classes from Zenith prep for 6th graders to high schoolers. The content and interactive sessions, practice exercises differentiate the course from other online courses.

Gokul Rajaram

We are very happy with Zenith Prep Academy. My kids loved the Zenith programming class. They proactively worked on their homework in advance of the next class, and could not wait for the next class. Unlike prior programming classes they took, which were superficial and overly theoretical, the Zenith class actually taught them how to build something tangible, bolstering their conference and excitement about CS. The TAs are excellent and helpful too. I work in software, and can see how the curriculum has been crafted and iterated upon several times to have maximum learning impact. Thank you Zenith!

Svetlana Mikhailova

My son took Web Development and Software Development classes offered by Zenith Prep Academy, and I am sure that it is worth every penny! It was not the first coding class we tried, and my son is naturally interested in this topic but Zenith Academy classes not only lighted his interest several times more but brought him on a completely different level. He was ready to fly on his own. He built his website and started working on his own projects learning more and more AFTER all classes ended. I have never seen him waiting for every next class so badly, and he really was sad when classes stopped. We even suggested to build next class, for example, for Java programming. We would take it without hesitation!