Chris Haley

  • Graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English Literature and secondary degree in Economics
  • Demonstrated track record of successfully reviewing and consulting on hundreds of domestic & international applications to Ivy League & Top 10/20 universities for undergraduate majors (STEM, Healthcare/pre-med, Business) & graduate programs (M.S., PhD, MBA, JD)

Ian Collis

  • Graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) & received a Master of Science in Education, with a specialization in secondary education (6–12) from Johns Hopkins University
  • Experienced working with 6th–12th graders across tutoring, teacher at Teach for America (one of the most competitive teaching positions to get in the US), and college counseling by guiding families regarding admissions to top universities and competitive pre–college & undergraduate programs

Haley Tudor

  • 5+ years of college applications/essays editing experience and has worked with over 500+ students to develop, shape, and showcase compelling & unique college application profiles
  • Demonstrated track record of guiding students on college applications/essays with prior students gaining admissions to Top 25 universities (Stanford, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Caltech, John Hopkins University, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, etc.) for both STEM and non–STEM majors

William Chung

  • Track record of working with families whose students are interested in STEM, Business, and Healthcare to gain admissions into Ivy Leagues, UCs, and other top universities (Stanford, Caltech, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Duke)
  • Consistently guide students to land prestigious internships/programs (BU RISE Internship, Penn’s M&TSI, Garcia, SUMaC, lowa SSTP, and more) in addition to winning national/international competitions (ISEF, DECA, Conrad Challenge, TSA, ISSCY, etc.)

Emily Schmidt

  • 5+ years of education experience including high school science teaching and guiding students toward unique medical internships and biological research programs
  • Experience working in cellular and molecular biology research laboratories at Princeton University and former reviewer for Society for Science’s Broadcom MASTERS, a national STEM competition

Erick Kim

  • Graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • 5+ years of educational experience as a former Admissions Officer for the University of California and college consultant guiding students to Top 10/25/50 universities
  • Lead author and co-author of multiple research papers in scientific journals within the fields of biology and zoology