Cate Mclaughin

  • 12+ years of education experience across university teaching and college counseling, including as a writing coach for the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business’s Communication Program
  • Extensive college counseling track record in providing individualized strategy plans for 2,000+ students and help them gain acceptances into Ivy Leagues & Top 25 universities
  • Received a MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University, a top 5 nationally ranked program

Kiki Lee

  • Education: Yale University with B.A. in English Literature w/ Honors Distinction
  • Previously advised 350+ Yale undergraduates on essay writing/applications & was part of the university committee to address diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Experienced in guiding students to gain acceptances to Ivy Leagues & Top 10/20/50 universities for STEM/CS, Healthcare/Pre-Med, Business, and Pre-Law/social sciences majors

Jacob Stewart

  • 7+ years of education experience in providing guidance, recommendations, and counseling to students & families on admissions into the Ivy Leagues and Top 10/20/50 universities
  • Extremely well-versed and knowledgeable of top programs, internships, and competitions for both STEM & non-STEM majors/fields with student acceptances into Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Cornell, and more

Jonathan Lee

  • Graduated from Cornell University and received a Master of Arts in Teaching from UC Irvine
  • Extensive education experience including teaching high school science subjects (chemistry & physics) and college counseling with student acceptances into the Ivy Leagues and Top 25 universities

Sydney Locklear

  • 7+ years of education experience at both the high school and university level, including working as a graduate advisor, psychology teacher, and college counselor
  • Extensive experience reviewing hundreds of essays and application materials, including customizing profiles and essays for students who gained admissions to Ivy League and Top 25 universities

Allie Lee

  • Education: Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Secondary Education and bachelor’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  • 5+ years of education experience working with 6th–12th graders across being a teacher at Teach for America, tutoring, and mentoring students for college counseling to gain acceptances into Ivy Leagues and Top 25 universities