Marcos Redondo

  • Graduated from a Top 30 university, University of Florida (two Bachelor’s and Master’s), and has over 20+ years of educational experience as a teacher, administrator, and college consultant
  • Has assisted 2,000+ high school students with the college admissions process and has a successful track record of helping students get accepted into prestigious summer programs (ex. Penn’s M&TSI and Stanford RISE), as well as into Ivy Leagues and Top 25 universities including Stanford, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and more

Kassandra Valles

  • Extensive experience in successfully guiding students on college applications/essays to Ivy League and other top 10/20/50 universities
  • Reviewed, edited, and finalized over 2,000+ college application essays for students by leveraging their strengths to showcase their profiles

Kelly Braun

  • 10+ years in college advising, partnering with students to curate the strongest profiles possible, resulting in successful applications to the Ivy Leagues, Top 25/50, and best fit universities
  • Extensive experience working with students with a focus on undecided, fine and performing arts, engineering, computer science, business, management, and social sciences majors
  • Nationally recognized college counselor, presenter at conferences, and recipient of the Joyce E. Smith Excellence in Education Award, International ACAC Going the Extra Mile Award, Pacific Northwest ACAC Rising Star Award. Master of Education in curriculum, instruction, and innovation

Jayme Dinnerstein

  • Holds a B.S. in Applied Health Sciences, a College Counseling certification from UCLA, and a current member of the IECA (professional organization for educational consultants)
  • 4+ years of college counseling experience and has reviewed 2,000+ essays across 500+ students all across the US with her students gaining acceptances into MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Barnard, Northwestern, Tufts, Emory, and other top 10/20/50 universities

Gabriella Reyes

  • Graduate of Brown University with an MA from University College London
  • 7+ years of coaching and education experience, in the US and internationally, with a strong track record of helping students get accepted into the Ivy League and other top universities for STEM/Business/Healthcare and social sciences/pre-law majors

Alexis Rouben

  • Graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a Master of Educational Leadership
  • 10+ years of education experience teaching and advising 6-12 grade students, including assisting 800+ students in matriculating to Top 10/25/50 universities including University of Chicago, Duke University, Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt, and more